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As my ideas solidify into books, you will find them listed here. You will also find posted updates about these books. I am excited to write about the emerging themes and insights that flower at the heart of stories. I believe that stories change us, and so I enter each book ready for it to change me.

Dust to Dust Cover 2

Dust to Dust: Coming soon

Drifts of ash quiet the earth. Giant machines, Desolations, scorch the earth as nations war. David, forced into service for the Galgivans, scouts through the ash. But since his enlistment, his humanity has been slipping away. An implant deadens his emotions, readying him for what he must do: Take the hands of an enemy Lish to prove his loyalty. But those Lish hands would be from a people full of lightning and dreams. Those hands would be from a people whom he once called kin.

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