More than Half

I am a half-moon,
a Medusa.

I am half-beauty, half-terror.
half-shining, half-dark,


But like the moon,
I hold
both halves.

I see the sunshine
beside the snakes
and find my wholeness
through patience

with halves.

How Did I Forget?

Sometimes I forget
as I scribble grades,
push a tired vacuum,

that she watches.

I scrawl a grade
across my phone,
only happen

to look down.

Two round eyes
watch patiently.
Two round cheeks
as she sucks milk.

The phone clacks
to the table.

How did I

White Space

Some balance

But rocks are not always on hand
when the baby cries,
when the dishes break,
when the heart bruises



The white space
of the mind
can stack

upon breath




The Source

Where do I source my confidence? In my words or in my soul? One tends to be more stable than the other. Spring your words from your soul, rather than the other way around.

One Lovely

Sometimes mindfulness is simply choosing to recognize one lovely thing. Too often our mind defaults to recognize only the imperfect, the irritating, the fail.

But just one lovely thing can open your eyes back to reality.


There is a comfort to being in the middle of the journey. It’s like traveling through a dungeon, before reaching the boss. You meet people, make triumphs, find equipment–and without these, you would fail the final boss. Middles are what make us triumph at the end.


Stagnation is frightening: A messy pile that’s dug claws into your table. A perpetual sense of being late. A sigh every night as you review all the wrong things you said.

But stagnation relies on lack of movement.

Move. Something.
Your life can flow.


Contemplate your bowl. What offering are you giving your stomach? How will it thread into your veins? What will it do to nourish?

Now, contemplate your phone. What offering are you giving your mind? How will it thread into your synapses? What will it do to nourish?


Plushness of baby held to my chest
Smell of milk, wet and dry, soaked into breath, clothes.
She wails, sick, sleepless.
Her needs weigh against my wants

Then, in friction, ignite.
Motherhood flames
Heart burns clear
I steady the babe against my soul.


Examine anger with light fingers. If you take it as your weapon, it will destroy more than you expect. But if you take it as your clue, you will heal more than you could have hoped.

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