Into the Spider-Verse Can Teach You Connection (Mini-Review)

Into the Spider-Verse retells the Spider-Man story over and over. At first we laugh. Then, we’re awed.

But more than the Spider-Man story is repeated. Spider-Verse becomes a mix of repeated themes, weaving together to teach us about connection.


First, the theme of fatherhood:

Uncle Aaron
Peter B
(Even that one teacher who knew Miles’ 0% was 100%)

All came to one conclusion: “I love you” isn’t enough. Each had to show, “I believe in you.”

Theme 1: Peter B’s “leap of faith” is the essence of fatherhood.

spider verse_1


Miles, eyes glazed with horror: “None of you understand!”

The spider-people look at him: “We’re the only ones who can understand.” Though each has a unique past, each has encountered the same emotions.

Theme 2: In the I’m-all-alone crisis, let others connect. We can understand.

spider verse_2


Miles sees his uncle’s villain mask. King Pin’s wife sees him throttling Spider-Man. And the relationships change to fear.

“You know me,” King Pin cries. But she runs. It turns out, she didn’t know him.

Theme 3: When your actions don’t match, there is no you to connect to.

spider verse_3


Miles used to go tagging. Now his spray paint hovers over his super suit.

Still a graffiti artist. But there to protect. Still in a hoodie. But punching out the bad guy. All his passions connect—for good.

Theme 4: Your actions don’t have to mismatch. You can be whole and be good.

spider verse_4

I believe movies affect us and our society on a deep level, and delving through their messages can make us a better people. Like and comment if you want to see an expanded review on this movie. You can also submit movie review requests through the “Contact” page.

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