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Welcome! Thank you for sifting through the internet to find this page. I am excited to connect with you.

I know that many writers feel isolated–especially if they cannot fork out a thousand dollars for the help of an editor. As a writer myself, I have been there, and I know how frustrating and incapacitating that isolation can be. It was only when I broke out of that isolation that I saw my work finally bloom into the visions I had felt inside me all along. I know how much we need companionship on the writing journey, and that is why I have created coaching and editing services that tight-budgeted writers can finally afford.

My Coaching Services offer weekly check-ins and experienced feedback to help you deepen your skill and develop a story that you love. These packages start at just $18 per month–and with the discount code I’m about to give you, that turns into only $15 for the first month. As a teacher, tutor, and editor, I know that consistent, experienced feedback can help a writer rocket forward towards the book they’ve always wanted, and I can’t wait to be part of that experience for you.

My Developmental Editing Services are also priced accessibly. You can sample my work for free, receive a review of your story for $65, or a review of your full manuscript for around $350. This is less than half of what other editors are charging, and includes thorough comments, a 6,000-8,000 word edit letter, video explanations, and consultations. I know how hard it is to find quality feedback that a writer can actually afford, and I am excited to fill that space for you.

To get started, visit the Book Coaching or Developmental Editing page, and fill out the contact form at the bottom. Just mention the code NEWLEAF in the message to get 15% off on your first package. I cannot wait to be your ally on this crazy, wonderful journey of writing.

—L. Baumgarten

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