Congratulations! You found the will o’ the wisp. Thank you for trudging through the treacherous internet bog to find this flitting light. I am excited to connect with you.

Let’s Connect

I am an author who writes to the core with fantasy, dystopia, poetry, and movie reviews. I would love to collaborate on some of this writing with you!

For Readers: If you have feedback for my work, want to see certain topics in the posts, or want to recommend a movie for review, I would love to hear from you! Just message me through the contact page listed in the menu.

For Writers: If you would like to collaborate in a movie review, exchange beta-readings, or support each other in the writing process, I hope you will contact me! You can email me or use the contact page listed in the menu.

For Agents and Publishers: If you are interested in my work you can email me or message me through the contact page listed in the menu. A revised manuscript of my current work, Dust to Dust will be available in June of 2019. I am excited to talk with you!

Get a Free Chapter Download

As a gift for looking up my website, you can click THIS LINK for a sneak peek of the first chapter of my work in progress, Dust to Dust.

Dust to Dust is a YA dystopian fantasy centering around a boy whose identity has been ripped in two. His identity has been burned for his compassion towards them–a people with hands full of lightning, and crystals full of dreams. A people who once were kin. Now, caught between a deadening implant and treasonous emotions, he is sent to earn a rebirth by severing one of those lightning-filled hands. It is a story of rediscovering self when the fragments can’t seem to fit together.

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I truly look forward to connecting with you. I believe we are all trying to “write to the core” in our own ways, as we search for meaning and depth in ourselves and the world around us. I am excited to take this journey together.

~L. Baumgarten

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