Outlining Creature of Three: The Layers of a Hardened Huntress

It was a race to kill the beasts before they could be caught. Before her mother could steal their souls for magic. But when Glyn’s beloved father falls into the realm of the beasts, her only ally is the beast she has sworn to kill, the creature that could cement her mother’s reign of terror–the Creature of Three that betrayed her as a child.

This idea came to me after months of famine. Though I caught glimpses of a provoking image here, a resonant theme there, nothing was moving. Nothing was coming alive. But then, one day, Glyn came racing through my mind, a hardened huntress racing against her mother for the magical beast that could ruin them all.

It has been an unexpected thrill to discover Glyn. She is the opposite of Soal. Where Soal was quiet and observant, Glyn is brash and harsh. And within that harshness are layers and layers of unexamined questions, unclaimed pain, and an unchecked determination to save the one human she feels she can trust–her father.

I have loved delving into Glyn’s nuances. She has held unexpected heart-break, hilariously cathartic stubbornness, but most of all, the sky-wide opportunity to find a kind of trust and safety that cannot break against magical beasts, a merciless mother, or even the loss of a father.

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